Don’t Make These Air Conditioning Mistakes

Keep Your AC Running Efficiently by Avoiding These Common Errors

When it comes to maintaining an efficiently running AC unit, homeowners often make some common mistakes that end up costing them more in energy and repair costs. With regular maintenance and some best practices, you can make sure you’re getting the most out of your cooling budget, with no surprise costs or unit malfunctions.

Mistake #1: Running the AC With the Windows Open

Some people run their AC with the windows open, either to let in fresh air or because they feel it will cool a room faster. With open windows, however, your thermostat is unable to accurately detect the air temperature, so your AC will keep running continuously, potentially leading to frozen coils. 

Mistake #2: Failing to Change Your Air Filters

Changing the air filter on your AC unit every 90 days (or as recommended by the manufacturer) is a necessary and simple maintenance task to keep your unit performing well. But what happens if you don’t? In addition to making your unit less efficient, which leads to higher energy costs, neglecting to change the air filter can also damage the unit’s inner components, resulting in an avoidable repair bill and time without your AC.

Mistake #3: Putting Landscaping Too Close to Your External Unit

You might be inclined to plant bushes, shrubs, or other plants to try to “hide” your external unit, but doing so can result in a damaged or overtaxed unit. Plant debris can make its way into the unit, which can cause it to run less efficiently or even damage the inner workings. Landscaping that’s planted too close can also restrict open airflow, which in turn makes your AC have to work even harder to cool your home. 

Mistake #4: Turning the AC Off When You’re Away During the Day

It may seem counterintuitive, but your AC will cool much more efficiently if you keep it running even when you aren’t home. It takes less energy to maintain a consistent temperature than it does to cool down a warm house, so leaving the AC on when you leave for the day will keep your energy bills down and your home more comfortable. 

Mistake #5: Not Setting Up Professional Maintenance Service

Preventive maintenance for your AC is the most effective way to avoid surprise repair bills and make sure your unit is working properly. A HomePro maintenance plan will keep your unit at peak performance, and the best part? You don’t even need to remember to call us! We’ll reach out when it’s time for service. Give us a call at (317) 271-2665 to find out more about our maintenance plans.