HVAC Do’s & Don’ts, Inside and Outside

We’ve got some tips that could help you avoid common HVAC-related issues. 

Every once in a while, when HomePro technicians are dispatched on a service call, they find that a homeowner’s innocent mistake was what caused their HVAC troubles. We don’t want that to happen to you! So please take a look at our list of “do’s and don’ts,” for both inside your home and outside. 

Inside Your Home

DON’T: Do it yourself. 

Some HVAC tasks are best left to professional technicians, especially thermostat installation. Not all thermostats are compatible with all systems, but a professional can pick the best thermostat that works with your system. 

DO: Change your air filters. 

A clogged air filter can increase your air conditioner’s energy consumption by up to 15%. Replace your air filter every one to three months, and make sure to buy the correct filter size (remove your existing filter and check the filter size listed on the frame).

DON’T: Use a portable air purifier for whole-house air purification. 

A portable air purifier isn’t powerful enough to clean the air throughout your home.  

DO: Consider installing a whole-home air purification system. 

A whole-home air purifier with an ultraviolet germicidal light disinfects the air in your home and lowers the concentration of mold, bacteria, viruses, and odors.

DON’T: Use the furnace closet as a storage room, and never store kitty litter near the furnace. 

Kitty litter contains dust that can clog HVAC sensors – plus, that dust can spread through your home’s ductwork.

DO: Make sure there is a door or wall vent to the furnace closet to maintain airflow. 

Keep the furnace closet free of debris and well ventilated. 

Outside Your Home

DON’T: Plant shrubbery around your outdoor heating and cooling units.  

If you want to camouflage an outdoor unit, a lattice panel or screen is a better choice than plants or shrubs. Plant debris can become trapped in the unit and cause it to function poorly or break down. 

DO: Maintain at least two feet of clear space around your outdoor units.

The exception to this rule is that you can use a mesh cover designed specifically for HVAC units to keep debris out without restricting airflow. 

DON’T: Install an antitheft contraption not intended for an outdoor HVAC unit. 

If your outdoor unit isn’t in a completely secured area, it’s a good idea to have an anti-theft system installed, as thieves have been known to steal the copper components inside HVAC units. 

DO: Have a licensed HVAC technician install a security cage with a lock.   

HomePro carries security cages that are compatible with several types of exterior units, so please let us handle this important task for you. 

DON’T: Skip annual HVAC maintenance. 

Annual maintenance helps extend the life of your HVAC system.

DO: Call HomePro.

HomePro offers ongoing maintenance agreements, so you don’t have to remember when you’re due for maintenance – we’ll call you to set up your service visit! Call today to ask about HVAC service, repair, or replacement: (317) 271-2665.