New energy efficiency standards coming soon

The Department of Energy’s new efficiency standards for residential heating and air conditioning go into effect in 2023, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA). 2015 was the last time the DOE adjusted energy efficiency standards.

Energy efficiency performance ratings

New standards require a cooling performance rating, or seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER), of no less than 14 in the northern region of the United States. Previously, the standard was a SEER of 13. The higher the SEER rating, the more energy-efficient the equipment. A system’s heating performance, called the heating seasonal performance factor (HSFP), will increase from 8.2 to 8.8. Manufacturers have begun shipping specific furnaces that meet the new standards and we anticipate full product lines to be available mid-year. 

 What this means for you is that if you wait until 2023 to upgrade your home heating and air conditioning system, the system you choose will be subject to the new requirements. There will also be a substantial price increase to HVAC product pricing. 

HomePro specializes in providing energy-efficient heating and air conditioning, and we can offer suggestions on how to improve your system’s performance with a free consultation. HomePro also offers financing options such as zero interest with no monthly payments for six months (financing plans are subject to terms and conditions). HomePro also offers financing for our customers: start your application now. If you’re not quite ready to replace your existing equipment, you may find these tips on lowering your home heating costs helpful.

Call a Professional 

If your bills seem high even when your thermostat is low, you might need a furnace tune-up or a new energy-efficient furnace. HomePro has that covered, and we can also install a ductless heating system that warms a specific area in your home. 

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