What to Do When Your Heat Pump Fails

Stay calm – and stay warm – until your technician arrives.

When it’s a bitterly cold Sunday or holiday and your heat pump stops working, your first reaction would probably be to call an HVAC repair company. That’s what you should do, of course, but you’ll end up paying more for service if it’s outside of normal business hours. The good news is that heat pump systems have an emergency reserve setting that can keep you warm until help arrives – during normal business hours!

About Emergency Reserve Heat

Even when it’s cold outside, heat pumps are able to draw warmth from the air to heat your home, but if the temperature is well below freezing, a secondary electrical heating unit will kick on to assist the heat pump. That secondary unit can operate independently to provide emergency heating. 

Many homeowners with heat pump systems don’t know about their secondary heat source, because they’ve never noticed the emergency setting on their thermostat. Depending on the type of thermostat you have, the emergency setting might be visible on your main LED display, accessed from the “system” view,  or triggered by a switch. Activate emergency mode to heat your home with the backup heating unit.

Use auxiliary heat only in an emergency – the small but powerful backup heater uses a lot of electricity. If you find that your home never feels warm enough even when the heat pump is running, schedule a service call. 

Getting the Most From Your Heat Pump

The best way to avoid emergency repairs is to schedule annual maintenance for your heat pump. During a routine maintenance call, a technician can spot any components that may need to be replaced. 

Between service calls, visually inspect your heat pump and use a broom to remove any leaves or other matter trapped in the grill. Keep the space around the heat pump clear – plants should be two to three feet away, to ensure proper airflow and to give technicians room to work. 

Count on HomePro

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