About Humidity and Health

Did you know balanced indoor humidity can help alleviate allergy symptoms and respiratory irritation? Damp indoor air may attract mold spores and dust mites, aggravating mold and dust mite allergies. Keeping your indoor humidity level below 51% can reduce the presence of dust mites. In the winter, balanced humidity can prevent dry, irritated sinuses and help you breathe easier while sleeping.

Whole-House Dehumidifiers

A whole-home dehumidifier does more than improve your indoor air quality. It also helps protect your home against damage caused by excess moisture – bubbling or peeling paint, and warped floorboards, for example. So a dehumidifier is a small investment that could help you avoid costly home repairs in the future.

Whole-House Humidifiers

Dry skin, static in your hair or clothing, and doorknobs that shock you when touched are all signs that your indoor air is too dry. In the winter, you can use your whole-home humidifier to add moisture to the air and make your home feel more comfortable. That extra humidity is good for pets and houseplants, too.

Portable vs. Whole-Home Humidity Control

Many people keep a portable humidifier in their bedroom during colder months to avoid the problems that breathing dry air can cause: stuffiness, throat irritation, and snoring. These small humidifiers need weekly cleaning, so if you have more than one in your home, you might spend more time cleaning them than you’d like. Save yourself time and effort by getting a whole-home humidifier that needs to be cleaned just once every two weeks.  

Unlike portable versions, whole-home humidifiers and dehumidifiers are programmable. You can choose different humidity levels for different times of day or days of the week. Whole-home humidity-control systems are also built to last – with yearly maintenance, they can operate for up to 10 years.

Be More Comfortable

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