September 8, 2023

Ductwork Cleaning To Reduce Humidity and Improve Energy Efficiency

You probably already know that proper maintenance of your residential ductwork is essential for maintaining a healthy and comfortable home.
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August 2, 2023

Optimizing Indoor Air During an Air Quality Alert

With recent air quality alerts around central Indiana, you might be wondering about the air quality inside your home and whether poor air quality outdoors...
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June 14, 2023

Whole Home Humidity Control for Indiana Summers 

As the weather gets warmer, you might notice more humidity inside your home or even a musty odor. The higher humidity during the summer is...
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May 10, 2023

HVAC Fails and How to Prevent Them

Air conditioning failures can be a frustrating and costly experience, especially during the hot summer months. Not only can they result in uncomfortable living conditions,...
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May 2, 2023

5 Signs Your AC Needs a Tuneup

The number one sign that your air conditioner has stopped working is arriving home to a hot house. But there are also more subtle ways...
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March 27, 2023

4 Ways to Make Your Home More Allergy-Free

Happy Spring!  When temperatures climb in Indianapolis, often so does the pollen count. If you’re among those of us who struggle with springtime allergy symptoms,...
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January 18, 2022

New energy efficiency standards coming soon

The Department of Energy’s new efficiency standards for residential heating and air conditioning go into effect in 2023, according to the Energy Information Administration (EIA)....
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June 1, 2021

Don’t Make These Air Conditioning Mistakes

Keep Your AC Running Efficiently by Avoiding These Common Errors When it comes to maintaining an efficiently running AC unit, homeowners often make some common...
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May 6, 2021

How to Prepare Your Home for Vacation

Protect Your Property Even When You’re Far From Home If you’re heading out of town on a well-deserved vacation, the last thing you need is...
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